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The Master Class began on a Sunday morning with a tour and talk by Bernard Lacroute at his Willakenzie Estate winery, beginning in the vineyard. The vines were heavy with fruit that was nearly ready to pick in one of the earliest vintages the state has ever seen. “We’ll start to harvest in three days,”. . . Read More


Ken Wright played croquet with event organizer Ivory McLaughlin at Carlton Hill that night, and conversations were lively over a dinner that was prepared by Ken Wright Cellars chef Abby McManigle and featured a pulled pork entrée that drew raves from the guests. At one table, Jay McDonald and Brian O’Donnell conducted an impromptu discussion. . . Read More


Day Two of the Master Class began at Elk Cove’s Mt. Richmond vineyard with a riveting discussion and demonstration of the AVA’s unique soil geography by Dr. Scott Burns of Portland State University. A pit had been dug to show the strata of marine sediments that characterize the region, and Burns and Ken Wright spoke. . . Read More


Later that afternoon, Oregon and the Y/C AVA’s commitment to nurturing and sustaining the land was the subject of a talk that was held at Fairsing Vineyard, where owners Mary Ann and Mike McNally are readying a new tasting room to open later this fall on a knoll with spectacular views of the valley and. . . Read More


The group assembled for another outdoor dinner that night on Savannah Ridge, which is the home of the Angela Estate vineyard, award-winning Abbott Claim Vineyard, Russell Grooters vineyard and Ghost Hills Cellars estate vineyard. Hosted by Jessica Endsworth and Cyler Varnum of Angela Estate, the dinner was catered by Tina’s Restaurant of Dundee, with wines. . . Read More

Harvest 2014

As I write this, it is mid-November and in Yamhill-Carlton, the 2014 vintage is officially put to bed. The vineyards are bereft of leaves, the fermentation tanks echo with emptiness. Our year’s work now sleeps in row upon row of stacked barrels, ready for the long winter. Just a month ago, it was impossible to. . . Read More

Tipsy Lime

Every few years the vinyard here gets some lime. Western Oregon soils typically trend toward being acidic (low pH), which can eventually cause problems with nutrient availability for the plants. Lime (Calcium Carbonate and Magnesium Carbonate) raises the pH and provides much needed Calcium. It is usually applied in the fall before the rains, but. . . Read More

New Yamhill Carlton Bottle

The idea of developing a custom Yamhill-Carlton AVA bottle mold has been kicking around Carlton longer that I have been around. A few years back it was cost-prohibitive because custom molds were very expensive to produce. $80,000 was floated as a figure at one point. Well, somebody figured out how to do it for much. . . Read More

Returning to the subject of Birds…

I decided not to put the bird netting up this year. It seemed like harvest would be done by the end of September, likely coming in before the bird numbers really ramp up. That was a bad choice. The big storm came and the shift to autumn weather was abrupt and slowed ripening to a. . . Read More

Torrendous Rain

I realize that ‘Torrendous’ is not a real word, but I feel like the recent rain justifies a new entry to our vocabulary. Most years, we get one or two minor storms in October just before harvest. By ‘minor’ I mean an inch of rain on one stormy day, followed by a few days of. . . Read More