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Russell-Grooters Vineyard
Planted on the Savannah Ridge in 2003, Russell-Grooters Vineyard, or RGV, is the estate vineyard for our winery, Carlton Cellars. It made its public debut as one of the three vineyards in the 2006 Roads End Oregon Pinot Noir, and as the sole source of fruit for our new estate wine, Cape Lookout Oregon Pinot Noir.
Elevation: 200-475 ft exposure: S/SW slope: 0-15% soil: Wellsdale Soil, distinguished by reddish yellow, light brown and grayish brown mottled colors in the subsoil arising from the particular interaction of rain patterns, soluble soil iron, and the composition of the interface between soil and bedrock layers. There, soil saturation zones develop as a result of the percolation of waters through the hilltop soils and into the slowly permeable sedimentary rock. Marine tuffaceous sandstone and siltstone constitute the underlying rock. The properties of well-managed Wellsdale soils encourage deep rooting.
<a href="" target="_new">Carlton Cellars</a>, for which Russell-Grooters is the estate vineyard.
In Pinot Noir, our Wellsdale soils are associated with generous black fruit - black cherry, blackberry, plum, cassis. To this profile, our fourth-leaf vines add bright, red fruit such as red cherry, strawberry. Also prevalent are rich savory and baking spice notes.
Pinot Noir, Pinot Gris, Pinot Blanc, Riesling, Sauvignon Blanc, Auxerrois Blanc
23 acres
Dave Grooters & Robin Russell