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Stag Hollow Vineyard & Winery
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Stag Hollow is an Old World-styled vineyard located in the Yamhill-Carlton District (American Viticultural Area (AVA)) in the northern Willamette Valley, Oregon. Our estate-grown pinot noirs are nurtured on moderately steep south-facing slopes of Willakenzie soils planted at a very high density, producing very intense, rich wine. We are a small, family estate with an unwavering commitment to crafting profound and concentrated wines that express attributes of the vineyard and distinct management practices to enhance wine quality.
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The WillaKenzi soils on the 300' to 450' south and southwest facing ridge stress the vines, intensify fruit flavors. Dark berry and cherry fruits include blueberry, black raspberry and dark cherry with hints of winter spices (nutmeg, cinnamon, ginger) and a long spicy finish.
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Stag Hollow Vineyard; Yamhill Vineyards; Tonnelier Vineyard; all on the same ridge within 0.25 mile radius.
Mark Huff & Jill Zarnowitz
Open by appointment and Memorial Day and Thanksgiving weekends.