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Yamhill Vineyards

Yamhill Vineyards was started by Ralph, Sue, and Wally in 1983. We currently have 20 acres planted with 5 different varieties. We farm sustainably and are non irrigated. Sue currently runs Yamhill Vineyards Bed and Breakfast. Guests are treated to a private vineyard tour and grape juice from the vineyard for breakfast.
Willakenzie soils at 425-525 foot elevation, non irrigated, southern slope.
Yamhill Vineyards is farmed sustainably by taking the best practices from various farming approaches (organic, bio-dynamic, etc.) and incorporating them into the farming operation. We exercise very specific practices within individual blocks to produce exceptional quality fruit. We currently sell fruit to 5 different wineries and our goal is to maintain long term relationships with the wineries to produce exceptional quality wines.
Different wineries have produced vineyard designated wines from our fruit. Current wineries are: 1. Lange Winery 2. Stag Hollow 3. J. Christopher Wines 4. Brooks Winery 5. Kramer Winery
Pinot Noir Pinot Gris Pinot Blanc White Riesling Chardonnay
20 acres
Ralph, Sue, and Wally Stein