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Angela Estate winery consists of two single vineyards, Angela Estate and Abbott Claim, totaling 50 acres in the Yamhill-Carlton AVA. The vineyards were planted with pinot noir clones: Wadenswil, Pommard, Dijon 777 and 115 from 2001 - 2006. Our soils are ancient marine sedimentary with a range of elevation from 200 – 475’ in a wide band. Our vines sit on a unique east-west ridge on a south-facing slope called the Savannah Ridge. We practice nutrition-based farming in the vineyard that uses soil and plant analysis to provide a localized approach to supply the vines with the nutrients they need where they need it. Our owner is Antony Beck, who named the winery for his wife Angela. The couple and their five children reside in Lexington, KY on their thoroughbred horse farm, Gainesway. It was there that the Becks met and befriended winemaker Ken Wright. Wright manages our vineyards with his team and uses our grapes to craft a signature style for Angela Estate. This is a partnership project for Wright and the only wine he produces outside of his own labels. Currently, Angela Estate produces less than 5,000 9-liter cases per year.Antony Beck also owns a winery in South Africa named Graham Beck (after his father). This South African winery also grows pinot noir, but most is used in sparkling wine production. Antony is passionate about pinot noir and represents the only South African wine influence in Oregon. "Our fruit is our focus and our foundation."
ANGELA ESTATE VINEYARD | 34 ACRES - The first 21 acres of the Clawson Creek Vineyard were planted in 2006 with Pinot Noir clones 777, Wadenswil and 115 on ancient marine sedimentary soils. An additional 13 acres were planted in 2007, totaling 34 acres. Careful soil preparation specifically designed to nourish the micro¬organisms located at the layer 30 to 36 inches below ground (where topsoil meets mother rock) – creates the critical component which gives expression to our Pinot Noir. Labor-intensive shoot positioning (hand-straightening and pinning of individual shoot) along with exact canopy management ensure that every leaf of the vine is photo-synthetically active. Because of the uniqueness of the Savannah Ridge, the entire vineyard is usually harvested at one time. The Wadenswil clone dominantly planted on this vineyard produces Pinot Noir with incredible aromatics that exhibit rose petal, tea leaf and lavender top notes. The Dijon 777 and 115 round out the base and middle notes with bright red fruits, soft, plush tannins, umami / truffle tones and balanced with baking spice and white pepper. ABBOTT CLAIM VINEYARD | 16 ACRES - This site is a portion of the original John F. Abbott Donation Land Claim and lies in the middle of Savannah Ridge, a small east-west ridgeline of sedimentary rock just east of Carlton. This is a consistent broad face of land with soil depths of 30 inches to mother rock. Elevation ranges from 400' to 475' and the inclination is S-SE. Soils are mostly Wellsdale with some areas of Willakenzie, Melbourne and Peavine. All of them lie atop mother rock of fractured sandstone and siltstone. The planted acreage totals 16 acres. Vines are roughly an equal mix of Pommard clone on Riparia Gloire rootstock, 777 on 101-14 and 115 on both 101-14 and 3309. The vineyard is managed by Mark Gould of Ken Wright Cellars. As would be expected from a vineyard in the Yamhill-Carlton District the wine is richly colored, full-bodied and lush with firm, round tannins. Fruits tend to have darker tones such as plum, cassis and black cherry.
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