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La Randonnée Wines

After working in the Oregon wine industry for 10 years and honing his craft in Burgundy and New Zealand, Kevin and his wife Clodagh began their own wine label, La Randonnée, with the 2014 vintage. Kevin’s interest in wine making evolved from a love of the land inherited from both of his parents, who came from farming families in Iowa. Striving for the perfect blend between earth, art and science, Kevin is focused on balancing his technical skills with his artistic, creative side. As an outspoken proponent of environmental preservation and recycling, La Randonnée will produce wines exclusively from 3rd-party certified sustainable vineyards. At this time, La Randonnée wines are LIVE certified, and Kevin continues to experiment with natural wine making techniques.

La Randonnée is French for a walk or a trek, but genuinely comes from Kevin’s life path. An independent series of decisions throughout his life have led to an adventurous journey full of creative opportunities. Kevin also met his wife Clodagh in a “Hill Walking” club in Ireland, and as a couple they have set their sights on roads less travelled, leading the creation of La Randonnée wines. Kevin & Clodagh invite you to “join them on their Randonnée” and hope that you enjoy their wines!
Carlton Hill Vineyard, Russell-Grooters Vineyard
Kevin M. Green & Clodagh Moloney
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