Sip Magazine included 6 Yamhill-Carlton AVA wines in their Springtime Rosé recommendations. The selections were composed entirely of wineries from the Willamette Valley, with emphasis on the wine region’s celebrated Pinot Noir rosés. 

“Springtime means it’s high time for rosé, and we’re filling up our glass with a wide variety of options. A hidden gem in the Willamette Valley for excellent rosés? The Yamhill-Carlton AVA.”

“From larger, well-known wineries to small production and special projects, there are so many creative choices to try. And no, they’re not all made from the area’s famed Pinot Noir. Though, we’re thrilled many of them are! Ahead of springtime events and warm-weather sipping, we’ve rounded up some of our favorites.”

Check out the full list of recommendations here.